Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Happy Easter...a little late :)

Arrghhhh...I just lost my whole post! I hate re-posting when it takes me LONG enough to just post once... Happy Easter two days late! We had a nice Easter and it was my sweet oldest daughter's sixteenth birthday too! We've been busy, busy around here packing, getting all last minute things done. It is very annoying to find all those drawers with itty bitty things~to take or not to take? Anyway, about Easter... we had shishkabobs (sp?) and unfrosted chocolate cake per birthday girl's request. It was a nice day, on the which I, unfortunately, got sick... We have just two days left in this town that has been our home for the last almost-2 years...only 8 until we get back to our hometown! We are excited to go home, but a little sad to leave this behind. Nowhere is as tranquil and peaceful as Salto, Uruguay :) That's another thing on the list of things I'll miss. Well, I close now. Above is an Easter picture, taken by my genius, awesome photographer daughter!

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