Friday, April 16, 2010

and...Time to say Hello!

It was a long trip. But God brought us safely to our country again. Our trip started out a week ago when we left Salto, Uruguay. That was a sad day, when we said good-bye to so many dear friends. Then, we spent happy days with friends in Montevideo. We love the Parnells! God, bless them always... Then, on Tuesday afternoon we headed to the aeropuerto de Carrasco to check in our, ahem, 28 checked bags. We didn't get too many weird looks, but I did see a girl behind us counting them :). We had no problems checking in. At around 9, we got onto the plane. and sat. and sat some more. worked several sudoku puzzles. We taxied. Then, the pilot told us there were technical difficulties, so we would not be leaving that night. Swell. We had to "re-enter" Uruguay, and get our 28 bags back. Fun, fun. We didn't want to have to transport all that luggage again, so a couple of our "peeps" stayed with the luggage all.night.long while the rest of us got to go to a hotel. The next day, all over again! But God really was in control of our trip! Pretty much the rest of the trip went off w/o a hitch! God allowed our family of 7 to travel STANDBY from Montevideo, Uruguay to...somewhere in the Midwest! It was nothing short of a miracle and I'm very thankful for my friend, C*, who made it humanly possible. Thank YOU, God! Here on this end, my parents and a friend were at the airport to receive us. I would say that I am definitely experiencing some "culture shock". I know, that's shocking for those of you who have never lived out of the US, but it is definitely so. For example, everything is so neat and tidy. The stores are open 24/7. There is SO MUCH food! People are a*heavier :) We are looking forward to getting used to being home!


  1. So sorry for the bad trip but thankful you are all home safe and sound.

  2. So glad you and yours made it safely back and hopefully the adjustment won't be too difficult or take too long. I can only imagine! God's richest blessings to you and your family as you begin your new journey of faith.

  3. We are still in a bit of reverse culture shock from living overseas. It's a cost you don't realize until you try to readjust to life here. Grace to you as you navigate this part of your life's journey.

  4. Wow! Seven of you flying stand by with so little trouble THAT is the hand of God. After my last experience with that, I swore it off forever!

    Welcome back to the country!

  5. Well first of all, welcome back! It sounds like you guys had quite the adventure to get here. I can't imagine how hard it must be to experience that culture shock after actually *living* overseas. It's hard enough to come back after a short-term trip.

    It made me smile to see that you guys have spent time in Venezuela! That country has a very special place in my heart because I've taken four trips there since 2002. The people there are just so warm and welcoming, and the believers we met were so inspiringly (is that a word?) passionate about their faith.

    I'd love to read more of your story.

    Welcome back!